Dandeli Resorts and Wildlife Jungle Resorts

Dandeli to know the real beauty of nature, you may have visited my scenric spots, but not the one like Dandeli. Dandeli is known and noted in the maps because of its dence forest. The only river in India without any dispute, which is born in the same district that is Karwar District & joined the sea in the same district The river known for its greatness is the Kali.

One enjoys Dandeli Holidays with rafting, kayaking, coracle ride, jacuzee bath, in this roaring kali river. Dandeli is a place where all the age group of people enjoy. Dandeli is such a place where we can see the forest and river speak. The roaring river appeares to be a liquid tranquize and the forest appear to be a green emrald.

Dandeli tourism is a place in Karnataka where one can spend his/her relaxing holidays, to recover from all types of fatique. When the datas was collected many of the visitors expressed their opinion in this way “Dandeli is the best honey-moon spot” some said, “Dandeli Holidays is the best compared to other hill stations like ooty and kodaikanal, because they are more crowded and Dandeli is cool and calm place”. And some of them said “Dandeli is beautifull place and more beauty of it’s, we need not travel more to reach Dandeli. It is a question of 4 to 8 hours journey from many big cities of Karnataka, Goa and Maharastra State”.

One more beuty of Dandeli tours is that it is surrounded by many religious temples, which is liked by many elder peoples. For middle aged people there is always the beutiful of forest and river along with the beauty of power generation where the same water is used thrice for power generation in three different beautiful spots. For youngest there are many adventurous activities like jungle safari,rafting, tracking, spotting wild animals and birds. Above all this, where do you spot Dandeli, When you think of reaching it? It’s very easy to reach Dandeli. Dandeli is hardly 78 Kms from Hubli, 55 Kms from Dharwad, 125 Kms from Goa, 115 Kms from Karwar, 480 Kms from Bangalore, 45 km from Londa railway station and 35 Kms from Alnavar Railway Station the nearest railway station to reach Dandeli. When you think about dandeli tours think dandelitour.com.

The Dandeli Resorts provide you visitors the traditional and Continental food according to the taste of the customers. Even the visitors get an opportunity to meet many tribal people and even the provision can be made to stay in their dwellings according to the wish of the visitors.

Many other activities like spotting wild animals and birds at early morning and late evening. Rafting in the roaring Kali with fully trained rafters guides with every batch of rafting. resorts at Dandeli  also provide fishing on the bank of river Kali is also provided for interested visitors. They are even provided to have the preparation of their own dishes. Elephant safari and Night out camping in the midst of the forest is also arranged, tents will be put and full security will be provided for those who dare to stay in the forest, on the bank of river Kali.

One more Very interesting thing of Dandeli is out of nine varities of Hornbills, four types of Hornbills are spotted in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary Forest. Hornbill needs about 30 varities of fruits and when we find four verities of Hornbills here .You can imagine how dence the Dandeli jungle is. 100 percent of spotting of Hornbill is assured as they are large in number.

To experience Dandeli Jungles there are so many Dandeli jungle resorts are available in dandeli which gives real experience of dandeli jungle and nature.

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